A is for Anger

I feel so irritated.

The day started wonderfully with my son.  Then, after a few pleasant morning tasks, I opened up FB to read the latest act of violence against a family with children committed in my sister’s hometown of Houston.  She will be visiting there within a few days with her family.  This heinous event reinforced my conviction that my young son must not ever open the front door, answer the phone or no matter how old he is, ever be left alone.  Two hundred points for paranoia.

Next I listened to a voicemail left by my dear friend who suggested to me that I misunderstood a small detail stated between us. Now I am angry.  I wish that she would not point out what she considers to be my wrong. I would like to argue with her my position which I see as justified.

I recall the verse that says “The anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God.”

When I picture the face of Jesus, I feel peace.  I feel acceptance.  I feel compassion.  I feel safe.

He covers me within His arms where no one can reach me. I am covered. I am safe.

I yield to the heart of Jesus. I lay down my pride, my defenses, my self-righteousness.

I see myself kneeling before the cross, opening my hands and looking up at the greatest measure of Love there is.

Thank you for loving me, Jesus. I am yours.


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